HCJC alumnus Shouzi Chew Represents TikTok to Address Washington Over Security Concerns

TikTok CEO to testify at US Congressional Committee next Thursday.

Friends described Shouzi Chew as a straightforward person who is decisive and considerate of the feelings of others. He is very rigorous in his work, has accurate judgement, and is not pretentious. Last week, he arrived in Washington to prepare for next Thursday’s hearing. (AFP)

Mark Harkins, a Senior Fellow at the Government Affairs Institute of Georgetown University, said the hearing process could be particularly difficult…, if Shouzi Chew performs well at the hearing, it could help TikTok avoid being banned in the United States.

Next Thursday (March 23), Shouzi Chew, the Singaporean CEO of TikTok, a company with over one billion global users, will testify on behalf of the company before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Chew will clarify the efforts made by TikTok and its parent company ByteDance to address US information security concerns. He will be questioned about TikTok’s consumer privacy and data security practices, the platform’s impact on children, and TikTok’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. This will be the first time a Singaporean CEO has represented a large multinational technology company in the US Congress.

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