EduFair at VASchool in Ho Chi Minh City

Attendees at the EduFair at VASchool.

HCIS participated in an Edufair organized by the Vietravel Academy (an education agent) on 23 September. The event took place at the Vietnamese American School (VASchool) Lac Long Quan campus, and was attended by parents and students from the school.

HCIS’ Ms Nicole presenting at the EduFair

A total of 15 foreign colleges and universities from Singapore, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and America were present at the Edufair. HCIS was the only high school there. During the Edufair, only 5 schools gave presentations and HCIS was one of them. Ms Nicole from our Admissions department briefly introduced the unique curriculum we offer and the scholarships available.

HCIS’ Ms Lynn fielding questions from parents interested in our scholarship

Quite a number of parents and students visited the HCIS booth, expressed their interest in the school, and were particularly keen on the scholarships. The offer of scholarships is a significant tool to promote the school, but it would probably take time for the students and parents in Vietnam to better understand HCIS as an education institution and the IB curriculum we offer.

Both our staff Ms Nicole and Ms Lynn were privileged to be hosted by Madam Nguyen Thi Thu, Chairwoman of the corporate group which owns VASchool. Mdm Thu mentioned that she and her husband possess great passion for investment in good education for Vietnamese students and thus they decided to set up international schools offering an international curriculum (IGCSE) with new and advanced facilities within their VASchool group. VASchool has 7 campuses in Ho Chi Minh City; 4 in Vung Tau City and another 3 in Can Tho City.

From left: Ms Nicole, Mdm Nguyen and Ms Lynn

Given the widespread locations of VASchool in Vietnam, HCIS may consider exploring collaborations with them in terms of student exchange programmes or student leadership activities in the future.

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