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President scholars must return and speak up for the underprivileged

12 August 2022
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The four President Scholars of 2022 (Zaobao: 梁麒麟)
The four President Scholars of 2022 (Zaobao: 梁麒麟)

One of four President Scholars, Elizabeth Ng Si Jie, was also awardee of the Inspiring Hwa Chongian of the Year 2022.

A PSC Scholarship (Foreign Service) recipient, Elizabeth will be reading International Social and Public Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science. An awardee of the Inspiring Hwa Chongian of the Year 2022, Elizabeth has been the primary caregiver of her mother since the age of 11, when her mother was inflicted with a physical disability following a fall.

Despite her family commitments, Elizabeth contributed significantly to the larger society through her active involvement in many Service Learning Projects, including a team leader for the virtual overseas Community Involvement Programme (CIP) with various overseas schools, a volunteer for Lions Befrienders and the virtual Intergenerational Learning Programme. She was also a  responsible Secretary-Treasurer of the Ares Faculty Committee, and a passionate team player of the school’s Touch Rugby team. Effectively bilingual, Elizabeth is also the school’s first Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) student to be awarded the President’s Scholarship.

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