SCHS 2022 AGM Successfully Held

Sponsors registering for the AGM before 10am.

Singapore Chinese High School (SCHS) held its 2022 AGM on 8 January 2023 at the Hwa Chong Cultural Centre Theatre. Many of our sponsors arrived early on that morning to register for the event. The atmosphere was cordial and heartwarming as old friends get re-acquainted once again.

After COVID-19 restrictions were lifted this year, we saw 65 sponsors attend the AGM. Everyone spared precious time from their busy schedules to attend. It can be felt that their feelings for the alma mater has remained the same all this time. At the AGM, sponsors approved the minutes of the previous AGM, financial reports and the re-appointment of our auditors.

SCHS Chairman Dr Sia Nam Chie addressed the audience and reported on the work done by the BOD in 2022. Seated: Mr Ng Kit Kiew (Secretary), Mr Kho Choon Keng (Vice Chairman) and Mr Kho Yue Sern (Vice Chairman)

In his speech, SCHS BOD Chairman Dr Sia Nam Chie first explained the delay of the AGM and continued to report on the BOD’s work for the year 2022, e.g. Hwa Chong Art Museum, extension of the HCIS campus, IT master plan, Chinese cultural workshops, marketing and online outreach efforts.

In addition, Dr Sia also specifically mentioned meetings held by various sub-committees under the BOD and their respective work reports. Everyone in the ExCo is doing their part, sparing no effort for the development and operation of their alma mater.

BOD Secretary Mr Ng reported on the secretariat’s work

SCHS BOD Secretary Mr Ng Kit Kiew also reported on the secretariat’s work for 2022. First of all, there is now a full-time secretariat office staffed by 3 secretaries to conduct various SCHS administrative matters. Mr Ng also showed our newly designed website and how it works in tandem with our email and WhatsApp platforms to provide sponsors with more timely information. As recent as last November, the secretariat also launched its Hwa Chong Family Discord server, with the intent to reach out to even more Hwa Chong members and to purposefully interact with them. Lastly, Mr Ng reported on SCHS’ art collection, noting Dr Hwang Chi Looi contribution to complete the inventory list of these works.

Group photo of some of our sponsors who stayed after the meeting

After the AGM, sponsors stayed on to chat and connect with one another. We look forward to meeting our sponsors at the next AGM and till then, we hope to engage more sponsors in our work to improve our alma mater!

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