SCHS 2023 AGM Successfully Held


On the morning of October 29, 2023, the Singapore Chinese High School Board of Directors (BOD) held its annual sponsors’ meeting and announced the list of nominated directors for the term 2023-2025.

Sponsors registering for SCHS AGM 2023

There were a total of 59 sponsors in attendance, fulfilling the legal requirement for quorum, and the meeting started promptly at 10:00 AM.

Dr. Sia Nam Chie, the Chairman of the Board, addressed the sponsors and he expressed his gratitude for the active participation of the sponsors, especially thanking a non-Chinese sponsor for his presence. Chairman Sia emphasized the responsibilities of the sponsors and highlighted the need for sponsors to understand the duties of the board.

SCHS BOD Chairman Dr Sia Nam Chie

The Chairman further provided an update of the past activities, which included the acquisition of the Tan Kah Kee bronze sculpture. This sculpture serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to continuous self-improvement.

Dr Sia reporting on the BOD’s work in 2022-2023. Seated from left: Mr Ang Ming Hong (Treasurer), Mr Ng Kit Kiew (Secretary), Mr Kho Choon Keng (Vice Chairman) and Mr Vincent Kho (Vice Chairman)

The commemorate stone in the new main building of the Hwa Chong International School ( HCIS) records the spirit of selfless dedication and sacrifice in our Hwa Chong family. In addition, the BOD also completed the archival record of valuable paintings. The Hwa Chong family spirit was expanded during Hwa Chong Nanyang Combined Sports Meet when the underprivileged were invited to join the event. With the opening of the new gymnasium and swimming pool in HCIS, the School aims to promote holistic development in morality, intelligence, physique, community, and aesthetics. Another point to note is that while we have taken strides in developing world-class educational institution in and beyond Singapore, we should foster the preservation of our culture, history, heritage and encourage giving back to the society. As part of Sponsor Engagement, BOD organised a welcome event for new sponsors, hosted the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and celebrated Teachers’ Day with the current school staff. All these activities including the re-connection with Hwa Chong retired teachers were well received.

Mr Ang Ming Hong, BOD Treasurer, provided a comprehensive report on the Audited financial statements for the financial year 2022. He emphasised that the financial position is sound and thank the ex-Board members for their vision, and current Board members for the strong governance framework.

Lastly, the Nomination Committee released the nomination results for the directors of the new term 2023-2025. As the number of nominees did not exceed the number of director seats, those nominees will automatically become the new board members.

Introducing members of the 2023-2025 SCHS BOD

We warmly welcome the new directors, injecting fresh vitality into the board, and let us work together to strive for the development of our alma mater!

(2023-2025) BOD Nomination List

  1. Ang Ming Hong 洪铭逢
  2. Chen Juncheng, Edward 陈军诚
  3. Chern Chee Song, James 陈其颂
  4. Chia Ek Koon, Thomas 谢益坤
  5. Chua Kee Thiam 蔡其添
  6. Goh Mou Lih 吴茂利
  7. Kek Ho Ann 郭和安
  8. Kho Choon Keng 高泉庆
  9. Kho Yue Sern 许喻胜
  10. Kwok Wei Woon, Joseph 郭伟文
  11. Lee Kian Soon 李建顺
  12. Lim Chee Kong 林志光
  13. Lim Der Shing 林德兴
  14. Lim Sing Siong, Charles 林欣雄
  15. Loh Boon Kwang 罗文光
  16. Loh Poey Ling 罗佩玲
  17. Ng Wei Yong, William 黄伟荣
  18. Sia Nam Chie 谢南极
  19. Sim Choon Siong 沈俊雄
  20. Teo Zhu-en, Joel 张主恩
  21. Wang Yingyang Jack 王迎阳

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