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Remembering Our Retired Teachers

16 November 2023
Published by SCHS
Group photo
Group photo

The Singapore Chinese High School Board of Directors (BOD) is actively involving our retired teachers by organizing gatherings, encouraging us to 饮水思源 to honour their dedication and contributions to the school.

This is a precursor to broader community initiatives by BOD. The profound impact of our retired teachers, not only in imparting academic knowledge but also sharing invaluable life experiences, has shaped the future of 华中子弟.

Under the guidance of former Principal Dr. Hon and with the assistance of Dr. Yeo Hwee Joo (High School) and Mr. Benjamin Chan (College), we successfully reached out to a group of retired teachers.

Dr. Sia hosted a delightful luncheon at Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant on August 20, 2023, attended by 18 HCI retired teachers, including Dr. Hon & Mr. Foo Yong Guang, who expressed gratitude for the treat.

The retired teachers enjoyed a delightful lunch and expressed their gratitude to Dr Sia for the treat!

Expanding outreach, we connected with Mr. Chan Wei Min, a retired Mathematics teacher from HCJC, through Dr. Loh Poey Ling. On November 4, 2023, BOD hosted another luncheon for HCJC Pioneer teachers at Tiffany Café, Furama City Centre, attended by 12 retired teachers and 4 BOD members. The pioneer teachers appreciated the meal and the chance to reunite with colleagues and friends. Notably, Mdm Ooi's special trip from northwest Malaysia added a touching element as they reminisced about the good old times during their teaching careers.

If you remember or recognize any of your ex-teachers, please drop us an email at We would love to help you make a connection!