HCIS 2021 Graduation Day Speech by Mr Sia Nam Chie

8 October 2021
Published by SCHS
Mr Sia Nam Chie, vice chairman of SCHS and Board of HCIS and chairman of the HCIS SMC, addresses the HCIS graduation batch of 2021.
Mr Sia Nam Chie, vice chairman of SCHS and Board of HCIS and chairman of the HCIS SMC, addresses the HCIS graduation batch of 2021.

Mr Sia Nam Chie, vice chairman of SCHS and Board of HCIS and chairman of the HCIS SMC, addresses the HCIS graduation batch of 2021 in both Chinese and English. The original speech is transcribed as follows:






Now I will switch over to English.

So, the school is at a very interesting stage of development. We are investing a lot in hardware: like swimming pool, CCA centre, library, Iconic forum and IT infrastructure. We are also investing a lot in the software: promoting Asian culture and to be your "life partner".

This is how we want to differentiate Hwa Chong International School from other international schools: we want to be your "life partner".

And speaking of which, I want to share two things with you that I think will benefit you for life.

The first thing is to always maintain a positive attitude. Now in my work, I have recruited people, I have interviewed numerous candidates. And if I have to choose between two candidates, if candidate A, who may not have very good academic results, may not have very sound technical skills, but he has very positive attitude and the hunger to learn; versus candidate B, who may have very good academic results and technical skills, but poor attitude, thinks that he's smarter than most people. Then, I will always go for candidate A, because I believe that with positive attitude, he will acquire the necessary skills to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Whereas for B, because of his poor attitude, his results will not be sustainable. So, always maintain a very positive attitude in life.

The second thing I want to share with you is: always look around you, remember the people who have helped you, they could be your teachers, classmates, friends, neighbours and more importantly, your parents. Your parents have made a lot of sacrifices to give you the best education that they can afford. Sometimes, you may find them naggy, irritating; sometimes you may find that they don't spend enough time with you. But why so? Is it that your parents have nothing better to do? Of course not. I'm sure your parents want to enjoy life, but they always spare a thought for you. They want you to work harder, smarter, so that your lives and futures will be better than theirs. So please don't judge your parents by their behaviours, judge them by their intentions, they always have a thought for you.

So with these two things, look forward with positive attitude, look backwards for people who have helped you, be nice to them, help them back. Your futures will be brilliant.

On this note, I want to congratulate you again on your graduations; and I want to thank all the parents for choosing Hwa Chong International School as your partner in your child's education. I'm sure you have made the right choice.

I want to also thank all the teachers for working so hard over the years to produce such brilliant graduates. And I want to thank all the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scene to make this school so wonderful and brilliant.

So I want to thank all of you. Please stay safe and healthy.