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SCA appoints 3 SCHS representatives to its inaugural SMC

15 November 2021
Published by SingChin Academy
SingChin Academy main gate in Guangzhou, China.
SingChin Academy main gate in Guangzhou, China.

SingChin Academy held its first School Management Committee (SMC) meeting on 5 November 2021 to review and approve the list of Committee members.

SCHS has appointed three representatives amongst the newly formed School Management Committee (SCA-SMC) members, namely our Chairman Mr Jonathan Lee, Vice Chairman Mr Sia Nam Chie and HCIS Principal Ms Linda Lee. Mr Jonathan Lee has also been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the SCA-SMC.

This appointment marks a milestone for the successful collaboration between SCHS and SingChin Academy. It also represents the first step of cultivating our founder Mr Tan Kah Kee's vision for education, no less in Guangzhou, China.

This fruition has been built on many years of work by SCHS members, whose dream have been to expand the "Hwa Chong" brand beyond the shores of Singapore.

In 2019, the SCHS Board took a bold but cautious decision to work with CapitaLand to manage the latter's SingChin Academy. Under the agreement Hwa Chong will co-manage SCA and design its curriculum for the expatriate division. In this way, the Hwa Chong Spirit is extended to Chinese students, nurturing them to grow up as contributing individuals of society.

This is, of course, just the beginning. There is still much to do and we will need the larger Hwa Chong Family and our SCHS Sponsors to contribute to the joint effort. Let us work together to make this an even bigger success!