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SCHS Chairman Dr Sia Nam Chie delivers speech to HCIS graduates
SCHS Chairman Dr Sia Nam Chie delivers speech to HCIS graduates




So in this speech, I will use both Mandarin and English. To show to you that, members of the Hwa Chong family are versatile.

Now, today I will start with that began in the 1980s, "last century". I'm beginning with this because I want to show you what will happen to you twenty, thirty years down the road; how you can choose your story, how you want to write your story. And in 20 to 30 years' time, it'll fit nicely for you.

Now, this is a picture we took when I was in secondary school, just like you. However, where I stand or where I sit is not important. That's not the focal point.

The important thing was that one afternoon one of our classmates sent this photo to our WhatsApp group and everybody got very excited.



So what is the moral of the story?

If you want people to remember you by working hard and studying very well, it's just not enough. Don't get me wrong. I'm not encouraging you not to study hard. You need to study hard. But that's not good enough.

If you want people to remember you, you need to do more than that. You need to make a difference in the lives of the people around you.

That's why in Hwa Chong we teach you: 你要自强,自强不息,让自己强。自强不息,要饮水思源,要己利利人,己达达人。

When you're strong, you must help the people around you, so that people will remember you for life. Now, this is the same for the school, and it is also the same in work. In work, it's even more like that. If you don't believe, go back and ask your parents.

Next time when you're at work, 你只是埋头苦干,你不跟人打交道,你做的很。当你的单位论功行赏的时候,很有可能你没有功劳,功劳轮不到你,苦劳也可能轮不到你。你有什么?你有 “白劳”,白白的枉费自己的劳力。

So, the real world is very cruel. You need to make yourself known. You need to have an impact on people's lives, especially your boss'.

Now, it's the same for you, for anybody, and it's the same for Hwa Chong International School as well. So on many occasions, I have spoken about how we want to make HCIS different from other international schools.

We want to build on our Asian culture, to instill the values in you. That's why we teach you 自强不息。We teach you 饮水思源。We teach you 己利利人、己达达人。

Please remember all of this.

As a school, we want to do this, we want to add value to our students. We do not only want to build you academically strong. We also want to build you physically and mentally strong. We want to build you to be ready for the future. And we want to be your partner for life. To do that, we would of course need a lot of facilities.

So, we have spoken about these facilities for the longest time; today, I'm glad I can share something with you.


Work in progress - HCIS Swimming Pool Complex
Work in progress - HCIS Swimming Pool Complex





你们这么大的掌声,除了给他们鼓励之外,也告诉他们你们的 “渴望”。渴望要有游泳池。渴望这游泳池可以水到渠成。所以他们可能今晚睡不着。为什么呢?要想办法怎么来满足你们的 “渴望”。

On the swimming pool, it will be owned by HCIS. HCIS students will be given priority to use it. However, when there're spare capacities, we should always share it with the whole Hwa Chong Family, including graduates.

We want to be your partner for life, right?

Work in progress - HCIS CCA Centre
Work in progress - HCIS CCA Centre

OK, this is the CCA Centre. It's a little unfortunate we had a lot of road blocks. Because of COVID-19, because of labour shortages, and because of supply chain problems. However, I am very optimistic with their perseverence. With their determination, we will see the completion of this CCA Centre by early next year. The team is working very hard towards that.

In this CCA Centre, we are going to have a state-of-the-art Library as well. Now you may ask me: I'm alreadying graduating, why are you telling me all this? Of course, we said we want to be your partner for life. Like the swimming pool, you will have a chance to use it. And, you will also have a chance to use the library.

The details will need to be worked out with the school. In terms of the timing and allocations, to see how we can let the graduates come back and use them.


Architect's impression of the HCIS Agora
Architect's impression of the HCIS Agora

And look at this, our iconic Agora. This is a picture. It's not reality yet. But it's going to look like this. And the school will organise homecoming days, activities and all these to let you come back, connect with the school and build the school together.

We need you to come back and tell us what you need, what you want to see, and what kind of activities you'd like to see organised.

Also, we said we are building the future for you, right? The Future School. The team is working very hard, on delivering this vision of Learning Anywhere, Learning Anytime.

The team led by AP Michelle and Rakesh. They're working very hard. Sometimes I give them a lot of pressure, asking them: when is this going to happen, when is that going to happen, have you issued the laptops to the teachers, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, I can see cold sweat coming down on them. But that is how we want to work. We want to make this happen.

Now, the Future School, the vision, is still a long journey. We have made progress but we still have a lot of work to do. And with this, I would like to wrap up for you.

I began with the 1980s story. To tell you what will happen to you in 20 to 30 years' time. So you can choose your story, or how you'd write it. So that when you look back, it will fit nicely for you.

I have shared with you the School's vision, and some of the initiatives that we have done. We have made a lot of progress.

I'm sure you will do very well in your IB, and many, many exams more to go. But please, do come back and link up with us.


Now, we can make all these things happen, this is also because of the last batch of the Board members, led by Mr Jonathan Lee. They have put together the concept of the Swimming Pool, the CCA Centre, the Library and the Future School vision. And my Board, my Board members and I, we inherited all these concepts, and with perseverence, we are pushing hard to make it happen.

And this is the continuity of our School. We want to make sure this continuity will go forward and bring the School to the next level.

Finally, I want to thank the principal, teachers, vice principals, parents and students. 还有,我们劳苦功高的董事部成员、管委会成员、信托管委会成员,谢谢。